Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Yuppie Map of San Francisco

Town Me, a community website for San Francisco, takes the always fascinating project of demographic sub-group cartography (and you may take it as a mark on my character, for good or bad, that that was a non-ironic use of the word 'fascinating') and cleverizes it. Here, for instance, is the Yuppie map of San Francisco:

yuppie map of san francisco

What they've done here is take an arcane sociodemographic category and translated it into a more sensible terms. In this case, "Yuppies" represent "young professionals (ages 25-35) who make $100,000 or more." They've given a similar treatment to several other categories, which they describe as follows:

Cougars - Single or divorced women ages 35-50
Sugar Daddies - Single or divorced men ages 45-60
Starving Students - People ages 18-34 currently enrolled in college
Baby Momma - Female householder, no husband present, with children aged 18 or under
Baby Daddy - Male householder, no wife present, with children aged 18 or under
People Overextending Themselves on Rent - People who spend a lot on rent

The only thing I might change here would be that rather unmellifluous last category; maybe they could change it to "Housing Crises"? Or the "Upwardly Immobile"? Regardless, as a fan of the English language, I always glory to see arcane and abstruse semiotic formulations reconstituted as more quotidian, but invariably more vividly delineative, linguistic signifiers.


K H D and sometimes T said...

More than anything, San Francisco seems to have a cougar problem. Maybe the baby daddys could find time to clean up the city (and, perhaps improve the spread for the baby mommies in the process) Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The "Baby daddy" category is interesting. Single husband with no male parent?

Butch said...

From where does the data come?

Chachy said...

Anon - ah... typo fixed.

Anonymous said...

the data comes from the U.S. 2000 census, says their website.

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