Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun With Epidemiology!

This game lets you respond to outbreaks of disease!

the great flu game

Deliver face masks, develop vaccines, and watch verite videos of indeterminately Teutonic scientists and panicky masses as you try to slow the spread of mean-looking red dots across a Risk-like map of the world. Note with equanimity the catastrophic consequences of your misallocations of resources as millions die, and consider the fundamental absurdity of a universe in which such picayune decision-making can lead to such widescale suffering and death. Fun for all ages!


Anonymous said...

"such picayune decision-making can lead to such widescale suffering and death" Are you new to this planet?

Unknown said...

You honestly can't see how certain decisions made in committee et al can have disastrous results in public? Anon, a little introspective might do you some good. What Chachy posted there was accurate. A good example is post-Katrina New Orleans. The levees were not designed to handle what that storm threw at the city. A series of people over the years made decisions, often financial in nature, that led to the design and construction of a levee system that was inadequate to the needs of protecting a city that honestly should never have been built where it is in the first place. The people pulling the purse-strings made their decisions based not on engineering for public safety (as primary concern) but on trivial economics, and the residents of New Orleans suffered the consequences.

Chachy said...

David - I think we're all on the same page here with our wry fatalism. Anon just expressed his sarcastically. :)

Anonymous said...

It made me chuckle.

Unknown said...

Lies! All lies!


And pie. :-P

daftar oriflame online said...

very funny :D


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