Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whither the Spill?

Thither, according to an oceanologist from the University of South Florida College of Marine Science Ocean Circulation Group, which has modeled the forecasted trajectory of the spill:

The narrator is expecting the slick to get caught up in the loop current, which feeds into the Gulf Stream, which runs up the East Coast of the US. Says he:
It's not looking good for the whole Gulf and for the East Coast, really... All these arrows are pushing it toward the loop current and once that happens, well, all bets are off... I hope that the people on the east coast are getting prepared for this, and Florida 'cause it looks like it's gonna come your way. It looks like it's not just a Gulf Coast deal.
At the end he gives two pieces of advice: to say our prayers, and to keep the pressure on BP to "spend every dime they have" on the clean-up. I humbly encourage my readers to put more energy into the latter.


Richard said...

Interesting that all those Gulf Coast counties (except for the Tampa Bay area) that would be heavily affected by the oil spill all voted Republican in 2008. Even if the spill goes up the East Coast, almost all those counties (other than S. Florida and some of the Gullah counties) voted Republican as well.

God hates Republicans?
God loves Earth?
God is just (for giving the anti-environmentalists their just reward)?
You decide.

Chachy said...

Of course, God really had it in for heavily Democratic Orleans parish just 5 years ago... Maybe He's one of those fickle independent voters people are always going on about.

Actually, I take back my jokiness - this is not entirely a coincidence. After all, offshore drilling is legal in Texas, LA, and Miss., (Alabama, too, I think?), in large part because those are Republican-leaning states with lots of political support for extractive industries. Florida, by contrast, is more middle-of-the-road, more pro-environment, and has an economy largely dependent on tourism. Hence: no offshore drilling. Of course, they'll get screwed by this spill as well, but it's not a coincidence that it occurred in a very Republican part of the coast. (Couldn't happen in California, for instance, where offshore drilling is banned (partly because they had their own huge spill in 1969).)

Chris said...

There are still 32 California offshore oil drilling and production platforms through existing leases.


Anonymous said...

How do we exactly put pressure on BP? I can only think of indirect ways such as boycotts of the company.

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