Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Half of 2010 is the Warmest on Record

June 2010 was the hottest June on record, 1.22°F above average. So was the period of April-June, 1.26°F above average. And January through June - the entire first half of 2010 - were also the hottest on record, 1.22°F above average. A trifecta!

jan-june 2010 world temperature map

Pop quiz: what do these facts, and the giant oil spill and ecosystem carnage in the Gulf of Mexico, and the environmental damage and civil unrest in the Niger Delta, among many other sordid, disturbing facts about life on Earth in the early 21st Century, have in common?

George Will, among others, would say: nothing. Nothing at all. Because he does not believe that the world is warming due to our burning of fossil fuels; indeed, he does not believe we are in a period of global warming at all, as he argued in an editorial last year. He stated there that
according to the U.N. World Meteorological Organization, there has been no recorded global warming for more than a decade, or one-third of the span since the global cooling scare.
This assertions was factually incorrect - the WMO said no such thing - as were pretty much all of Will's assertions in the editorial. But what would make Will not only believe this assertion, but decide to broadcast it to the world from his extremely authoritative position as an editorialist for the Washington Post? Perhaps it was his interpretation of the fact that the ten warmest years on record, according to NOAA, have been, in order, 2005, 1998, 2003, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2007, 2004, 2001, and 2008. Or perhaps it's just his reading of this chart:

These data points pretty strongly suggest that the world is in a period of warming, and the record for 2010 is clearly continuing the trend. But to correctly understand the data that are being represented here, you have to meet at least two sriteria: 1) Have the statistical acumen and general intelligence of at least a second-grader; and 2) Not be a disingenuous toady for the fossil fuel industry. On at least one of these points, Will has obviously failed.


Anonymous said...

Someone with the general intelligence of at least a second-grader would not have written as many typos as this post contains.

You must be from the Nigger Delta.

Climategate said...

To correctly insinuate what the author is driving at, you need 3) Confirmation Bias

Chachy said...

Anon: Oh, big deal - I count two typos. Also: you are an awful racist, and the very existence of your moronic joke is depressing.

CG - What I am driving at is that the world is getting warmer. My evidence, presented here, is global temperature trends over the past century or so, highlighted by the fact that 2010 is continuing the warming trend. So what is the confirmation bias? What data am I ignoring that might paint a different picture?

By the way, you know that climategate was a completely trumped-up scandal, right?

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is that it's interesting to call others with opposing views idiotic while simultaneously not being able to use the proper grammar to do so.

Kudos for understanding the play on words at the 3rd grade level.

dracula said...

OMG! Did someone type out the N word? You are such a phosil!!!!

Chachy, I agree with you. Your dead on. Cheney and his buddies are probably lighting there cigars with an oil barrel or something. To all non-believers Chachy I and the rest are hear, ;) so get used to it. Save tha planet you guys........

Jeremiah said...

Right on Dracula. How can you take seriously a person that refuses to be PC? I can't take it anymore. Those fucking hillbilly, redneck, truck driving, deer killing, Palin loving, Jesus worshiping, nigger hating, white evangelical fucks are going to be the end of ALL of us. And if it keeps getting hotter it will become unbearable to wear my granny's old sweaters and shit.

Climategate said...

The panel was a joke. Those who hope that these inquiries exonerate global warming science are engaging in wishful thinking. The Climategate e-mails are still there for all to read and the questions they raise remain unanswered.

MXH said...

Climategate is a lame attempt at global warming deniers to refute evidence that is there for anyone to analyze. Even if you ignore any data that came from people who wrote the e-mails, the rest of the scientific world has plenty of evidence for it. If you're going to be adamantly against something, at least bring in your own data rather than bashing people's grammar.

btw, I stumbled onto your blog... it's great.

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Mike said...

1. I don't understand why climate change is such a polarizing political issue. It is absurd that assume that climate change skeptics are necessarily right-leaning (and vice-versa).
2. I have never carried out any sort of serious research on the matter so hopefully someone here can help me: Is it possible that the sample size of data is too small to make the assumption that our actions really are making our planet warmer? To be sure I am not dismissing the data presented here, but the time frame it covers is just so minuscule compared to the lifetime of our planet. How can looking the last 130 years of a 4.5billion year old planet indicate significant changes rather than (perhaps) short-term spikes?

I did not take time to post these comments just to bicker; rather I would like to know how that weighs into in matter.

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