Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloomberg Wins, More or Less

The New York Times has an interactive block-by-block map of Tuesday's vote for mayor in New York City:

new york city mayoral election map

Plutocrat Michael Bloomberg beat out bureaucrat William Thompson to win a third term as mayor. He is a popular mayor, but he rammed a repeal of term limits through the city council and spent roughly nine gajillion dollars of his personal fortune on his re-election, which may have turned off some New Yorkers, and the election ended up much closer than most anyone expected - he won only 51-46. (The Times says, "[t]he results in the mayor’s race are likely to be personally bruising to Mr. Bloomberg, a man of no small ego who told the public last fall that his financial acumen made him uniquely qualified to pull the city out of a deep economic funk.") I would also like to believe that voters were squeamish about continuing to name the city's wealthiest resident as its civil leader, the sort of practice that makes it really hard to stifle the chortles when you start talking about "American democracy."

At any rate, says the Times:
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg won re-election Tuesday, but voters were less enthusiastic about him than the last time he ran in 2005. The mayor did well in high-income white areas of Manhattan and Queens, and also in election districts dominated by immigrants, like Flushing and Brighton Beach. But his vote fell sharply in black neighborhoods, especially southeast Queens, where the black middle class has been hard-hit by foreclosure.
Those big blue splotches mostly correspond to the majority African-American neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn, and El Bronx. Bloomberg got like 90% in the swankier districts of the Upper East Side, and Thompson did about as well in his best districts in places like Bed-Stuy and Brownsville. Bloomberg did well among Jews and white Catholics; it seems like the Hispanic vote leaned toward Thompson, though it's a bit hard for me to tell from this map.

UPDATE: Commenter Gaurav links to a New York Magazine post that compares the NYC election map to the city's white population, based on a map from the Digital Atlas of New York City (which I posted about before). Here's the distribution of the city's white population:

new york city white population map

That's a tasty correlation! And Andrew B links to this map from the Digital Atlas showing Hispanic population. Definitely looks like they went for Thompson pretty strongly.


Gaurav said...

NY magazine did a side-by-side comparison of race and voting patterns:

Andrew B said...

Thompson won Spanish Harlem (Upper East Side above 96th), Washington Heights, the Lower East Side, the mid-Brooklyn waterfront in Sunset Park, and the Bronx. Those are all Hispanic neighborhoods.

Bloomberg won the White and Asian neighborhoods of NYC. That's it.

Andrew B said...

Maps of the Black, White, Hispanic neightborhoods of NYC.

Blacks by Number

Blacks by Percent

Hispanics by Number

Hispanics by Percent

Asians by Number

Asians by Percent

Whites by Number

Whites by Percent

Chachy said...

Mm, good links.

Richard said...

"Bloomberg won the White and Asian neighborhoods of NYC. That's it."

I love that sentiment. As if Whites and Asians aren't people.
How would it sound if I said "Thompson won only the black and Hispanic neighborhoods. That's it."?

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