Sunday, February 22, 2009

More Human Evolution Maps

Love this graphic from Mike Rosulek. He has a few other designs, too. And they're purchasable - you can buy the t-shirt! He's donating revenues from the sales to the NCSE, which is committed to "defending the teaching of evolution in public schools." Of course, if you're a creationist, you might try something else... maybe a portrait of Jesus Christ with the title "Maverick"? Hmm, that could probably sell, come to think of it. Maybe I ought to open a Zazzle account...

Anyways, to the maps. These again come from from the Washington Post via Kelso's Corner: a graphic, put together by Patterson Clark, recounting some of the changes in the human genotype over the past few thousand years. It ran on Darwin's birthday, according to KC, though this might be an intricate deception as I can't actually find the link at the Post's website. Regardless, the maps are pretty interesting.

There's more at Kelso's Corner, including a map showing the evolution of lactose tolerance.


K H D and sometimes T said...

Go to the original post. Click on the WA post headline above the reprinted article. Then, on the post's site, scroll down to the bottom and click on "explaining evolution" under a small "related" headline.

very cool

K H D and sometimes T said...

did you notice that the US doesn't hold a single one of their mutations?
Young we are. I'm surprised. Thought maybe there would be some mod that let us consume industrial grade pesticides

Chachy said...

I assume the circles represent indigenous populations, and most Americans aren't indigenous to anything. Most of us just came from outer space, genetically speaking. Maybe that's why?

Chachy said...

For fuck's sake, many consonants, I still can't find the damn wapo link. So I guess you're in on the deception, too, now, huh?

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