Tuesday, July 21, 2009

If Aliens are Watching Us...

this is what they are seeing:

if aliens are listening

It is humbling and awe-inspiring to think that we humans are the seat of self-consciousness in the universe - the organs through which the universe imagines itself. Just contemplating that fact can be akin to a spiritual experience.

Contemplating old episodes of Three's Company zipping out past Pollux and Arcturus, on the other hand, is humbling in a really quite different way.


K H D and sometimes T said...

it's too bad all the good stuffs on cable.

Chachy said...

Actually, it's all on digital television! I was skeptical about the whole digital switcheroo at first, but now my TV gets a Vietnamese-language channel, and a Taiwanese channel, and a channel that shows nothing but African soap operas, and a channel that shows nothing but B-movies from the 70s and 80s, and a channel that shows reject sports like ping pong and badminton, and 3 different PBSes. It's way better than cable.

Richard said...

All public TV? Where do you live?

Oh, and don't you dare call ping-pong a reject sport!

Andrew said...

Wonder what the ET's would think of a steady diet of sitcoms, infomericals, soap operas, and other rubbish.

Gus Snarp said...

Andrew - this is probably overly argumentative, but given your usual free market arguments I thought I should remind you that all that "rubbish" is what the free market demands. :)

Assuming you are the same Andrew...

Gus Snarp said...

Chachy - I don't have quite that selection, but I too love digital broadcast television despite my early skepticism. I must also say that it is infuriating dealing with my mother in law who can't understand why she has to have a box with her TV, calls every time she can't figure out how to turn it all on, and refuses to plunk down $180 on a new digital TV. Which I think may describe most people who still get broadcast TV.

Gus Snarp said...

Also, I really love this map.

Chachy said...

It's all over the digital airwaves, if that's what you mean (only the PBSes are public stations). And believe me, I refer to ping pong as a reject sport in only the most loving of ways.

Richard said...

So if I didn't have cable or satellite TV, I could just plug a digital TV in somewhere and get any station broadcasting in the US?

Chachy said...

You'd get the ones that were in range. It's still bradcast TV; the signal is just digital rather than analog.

Richard said...

OK, that's what I thought. So what metropolitan area has the Asian channels + reject sports channels? I'm especially interested in the reject sports channels since ESPN2 doesn't show much of that sh*t any more.

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