Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mapping the Internet

Here's a fun Flickr slideshow of people's personal maps of the internet. One example:

It's a project by writer Kevin Kelly, who says:
The internet is vast. Bigger than a city, bigger than a country, maybe as big as the universe. It's expanding by the second. No one has seen its borders.

And the internet is intangible, like spirits and angels. The web is an immense ghost land of disembodied places. Who knows if you are even there, there.

Yet everyday we navigate through this ethereal realm for hours on end and return alive. We must have some map in our head.

I've become very curious about the maps people have in their minds when they enter the internet. So I've been asking people to draw me a map of the internet as they see it. That's all. More than 50 people of all ages and levels of expertise have mapped their geography of online.
Spirits and angels? I might have gone with 'credit' or 'waste' or some other intangibles that don't sound quite so froufy. But then, "the internet is intangible, like credit and waste" doesn't have quite the same ring to it, I suppose.

Anyways, it's a fun project. And you can take part, too, if you want.


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